Who should join?

The IRTE is a professional membership organisation which represents more than 16,000 individuals and companies in the engineering industry.

It supports and encourages best practice and health and safety initiatives, and is committed to the ongoing growth and personal development of its members, through specialist knowledge-sharing and professional learning. 

So whether you are taking your first steps on your engineering career ladder or if you’ve worked in the industry all your career, the SOE welcomes applications for membership from anyone interested in career development in road transport, engineer surveying and plant or from those working within the sphere of operations engineering. Members gain valuable professional recognition and enjoy the support of a leading professional body as they develop their careers.

Interested in becoming a member? Jim Campbell ( can assist you with all your membership queries or you can connect to the SOE website for more information and to download an application form.

Who do we represent?

The IRTE is a professional membership body representing individuals and companies in the commercial vehicle and passenger transport industries

The Institute of Road Transport Engineers was founded in 1944 and presently has 16 500 members worldwide.

Lapsed Membership:

This is a response to a member posted on the IRTE UK website relating to lapsed membership.

Subscription renewal notifications are sent out annually in January of any given year.  If for any reason your subscription is not paid in full during that year, then membership is shown as having lapsed the following year.  Once this has happened, the membership record cannot be reactivated until the outstanding amount has been settled in full.  A mail-stop will also be applied to lapsed memberships in June of the year that a subscription has not been received.

To avoid this happening to you, please ensure that subscriptions are paid timeously and in full.